Welcome and Hello!

I’d like to tell you a little about us as we create this village of The Lumière, the Arts Centre and you.

Firstly, on with some introductions. I’ve teamed up with the lovely Max Hoffman, a screenwriter for several Hollywood Studios, who is crazy about John Waters movies like myself.  He’s chatty and loves to listen and is super passionate with his desire to offer something tactile and unique to cinephiles.

Me, well, I feel this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Indeed full circle back to the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ of the Arts in Christchurch. What I’d like to invite you in to is a place of not only serenity and Gothic beauty, but also a vessel to share my passion for the visual arts. So be prepared for programming that will stray from the familiar equatorial line, from sub-zero to tropicana.

Lastly, a message of trust from Max and I to deliver, preserve and respect what it means to take a trip to the movies.

Tip of the Hat,

Nick Paris