COVID-19 Coronavirus

We welcome a return to screenings at the Lumiere. We are following the strict guidelines laid down by our industry sector NZMPIC to ensure both the safety of our staff and yourselves whilst attending our beautiful cinema... 


We are thrilled to announce that with New Zealand’s move to Alert Level 2, we will be able to reopen our doors and light up our screens again on Thursday 21st May. However, in line with the government’s regulations, we have strengthened our operations to ensure you have a safe movie-watching experience with us. These include:
-Enhanced theatre and facility cleaning
We will regularly be cleaning all surfaces in our cinema including the seats, tables, POS, bathrooms and handrails with hospital-grade sanitiser between each session.
-Physical distancing
All seats in our cinemas will ensure a minimum of 1 metre apart from other cinema patrons. You can be comforted by the knowledge that when booking on our Veezi Ticketing System online or at the counter you can trust that it uses an automatic social distancing logic built in, you will still be able to sit next to your friend or partner however not the next customer .. Staff will be keeping a physical distance from each other during shifts as well as much as possible.
-Staff hygiene measures
Staff will be sanitising their hands regularly and wearing fresh gloves while serving food and beverages. We have asked that staff stay at home if they are unwell, and if they have or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 they should seek medical advice and self-isolate.
Hand sanitiser will be available in the foyer for all cinema patrons to use, free of charge.
-Customer register
The customer register will be on through a QR code or on a sheet at the counter. This is to ensure any potential community outbreak can be tracked and retraced easily. We would love to welcome you back when you’re ready to join us for a high-quality, safe movie-watching experience. We want to assure you that your safety is our main priority, and we will continually monitor and review the situation as needed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at